Flat Daddies

The American army is issuing life size cardboard cut-outs of the soldiers to their families.  These can be placed in various places such as at the dining table at meal times which is said to boost the moral of the children.  Some states are also giving away flat mommies.  Sounds a bit spookey to me.  Please don’t let this idea catch on in England.

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  1. What a great idea. This might have many benefits.
    We already know that a police car parked by the road reduces speed. Why not a cardboard cutout (waterproofed of course). Women driving alone would find a cardboard companion provides a greater feeling of safety. I might think about carrying a cardboard mobile phone – no loss of street cred and I wouldn’t care if it was stolen. We all know children are expensive and a lot of bother – a couple of cardboard teenagers would save a lot of hassle and expense (and would probably be just as communicative). Short of teachers? cardboard cutouts. Who to promote to the Cabinet? cardboard cutouts. I think this concept has legs.

  2. Thank you, Boris. Some good thinking there.

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