Olympics (2012)

As a Londoner I am expected to pay extra Council Tax for the privilege of having the games hosted in London.  As a pensioner I think this is unfair.  Many pensioners won’t be around when the games are played.  Will the organizers have a two minutes’ silence to remember all the folks who died after paying for this spectacle?

What is the point of the Olympic Games?  They are not sports in the true sense of the word.  The athletes are professionals.  They compete in these events for money. Some of them cheat and whine when they are caught and banned for taking drugs. Their training is subsidized by the tax payers.  Even with some of the best facilities in the world the British athletes are not very good and yet they want celebrity status.  This is encouraged by the manufacturers of sportswear.  The British team receives fewer medals than many poorer nations.

If the games were amateur then maybe the general public would not mind donating something towards them.  As professionals they should be self supporting.  Gate money to watch is fair enough; the rest should come through TV coverage and sponsorship as is done for football and other “professional sports”.

Professional athletes are spoilt.  The winning man and woman of the London Marathon receive $55,000 each when most of the true sports people run for charity and so pay for running.  There is something wrong here.

On the lighter side it is funny when you see all our obese citizens wearing track-suits and trainer shoes with the prominently shown sporting logos.

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