I was thinking of the recent elections in the USA and I found a copy of a letter that I wrote to the editor of my local paper just after the 9/11 affair.  Here it is:-

TheEditor.                                               14thSeptember2001.

Dear Sir,

               I, like many of your readers, have sympathy with all the causalities of the terrorist attacks in
New York and
Washington and with their friends and relations.    All the world leaders are looking for ways to prevent a reoccurrence of these events.   I wish them luck.  

The thing that frightens me is that G. W. Bush, the most powerful man in the world, seems to have very little idea of how to handle the situation.    He seems to believe there should be one rule for Americans and a different one for the rest of us.

He stated that all countries are either with
America or against it and they must now declare which side they are on. The
USA is now at war with the terrorists and any country which has offered them support.   Perhaps this is the right attitude to take.   However, if the British government thought the same way we would have declared war on the
USA when they supported the IRA while they were bombing
London.    Maybe someone can tell me the difference between Moslims bombing
America and Catholics bombing

In my opinion all countries should get together and distinguish between genuine followers of the various religions and the terrorist organisations they spawn and seriously crack down on all terrorists and the regimes that support them whoever they are.    If this situation is not handled correctly there is big trouble ahead.   Let us hope that common sense prevails. 


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