Sunny Days.

Many of the old classic pop-songs used the term ‘sunny days’ to represent happiness and ‘rainy days’ to mean sadness.  This may change soon.  Many English people, looking for happiness, intend to immigrate to
Australia; the land of sunshine.   On arriving they may find that things ain’t what they used to be.
Australia still has plenty of sunshine but ‘happiness?’…….well.  The Australians who have had six years of very low rainfall are now suffering the worst drought for over a hundred years.  This is having a bad effect on the economy and on average seven farmers a month are committing suicide.The Australian government is now trying to invest in clean technology with the aim of reducing carbon emissions.  Let us hope that they are not doing too little too late.  Maybe they should have been a signatory to the
Kyoto agreement in the first place.

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Cool Earth.

Johan Eliasch, a buisnessman, has purchased 400,000 acres of Brazilian Rain Forest for £8 million in order to preserve it.  Frank Field, a Labour MP got in touch with Mr Eliasch and now they have set up a scheme called “Cool Earth”.  This allows members of the public to buy small plots of rain forest and ban loggers from cutting down the trees.

The scheme will be launched over the next three months.  I am pleased to think that there are people about who care enough to implement such a scheme and have the  foresight to help save the planet. 

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