Crime and Punishment

The children of
Britain are now often called barbarians for doing what used to be considered youthful pranks.  They face ASBOs and community service as punishments which appear to be ineffective.  The adult population faces worse penalties if they try to correct the bad behaviour of the young.   Hence the youngsters have a sense of immunity from the thick ear and push their ‘lawlessness’ to the limit.  Many are now out of control.  Much of the blame must be put upon the parents who abdicate responsibility for their offspring.British citizens are the most watched in
Europe with 4.2 million CCTV cameras, more than the rest of the EU combined. 
Britain also has the biggest DNA data base with 3.6 million profiles with another 40,000 being added every month.  There are plans in place to introduce biometric ID cards and link these to a national computer which will carry all of our medical information and other facts about us which many find inappropriate.These measures seem to be working because we have more people in prison than most of our neighbours.  This presents a problem.  Our prisons are full up and therefore many prisoners are released early to make room for a new batch of criminals.  Nobody seems to know what to do about this.  There are several options.  We could build more prisons.  If we had the capacity, convicts could serve there entire sentence thus keeping the hardened criminal out of society and prevent them from re-offending.  These options cost money.  Most of the population would prefer not to pay so much to keep these people in prison.  Keeping prisoners is a very expensive operation.  Reintroduction of the death penalty would be a good option economically.  This may not be a deterrent to crime but it would certainly be cheap and so save the tax payer a great deal of money.  Fewer prisoners to look after, feed, keep warm, cloth and clean would help ease global warming.  Do “The Greens” support capital punishment?

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Bad Laws.

Somebody steals £50 from me and is tracked down by the police and taken to court and fined £50.  The thief can pay the fine with my £50 so he is no worse off.  I am fifty quid down and the court is fifty quid up.  Is that what we call justice!   There must be something wrong here.

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I don’t know what to make of the new legislation on “Employment Equality (age) Regulations”.  These rules make it illegal to discriminate against people because of their age.  Quite right and about time too.  It is forty years since we had the same thing for race equality.  So it is right that the old folk who have done so much for the old “Green and Pleasant” should have equal rights with all our other citizens.

However, do we really want to work over the age of sixty five?  I’m afraid that the older workers will be made to feel guilty if they want to pack up and take their pensions.  We oldies worked hard to get better working conditions and shorter working weeks.  The youngsters have given all this away and seem quite happy to work Sundays, Bank Holidays and so on.

I expect this law will provide lots of lucrative work for the lawyers.  The employers will try very hard in future to keep the senior staff working as many young people are unemployable.  A third of large companies in England have to send new staff to special training classes in order to get their basic reading, writing and arithmetic up to an acceptable level.  So it seems that old people will have an obligation to work until they drop.  Do they really want equal rights?  I doubt it.  I think that like most minority groups they do not want equality, they want privelege;  but unlike most minority groups they have earned the right to privilege.

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