World leaders have many perks, large town houses, country mansions, chauffeur driven cars, domestic servants, free travel. When they leave office the western leaders can make millions by going on the lecture circuit, securing a place on the board of some large companies etc. When African leaders leave office they get nothing; they lose all the trappings of their former position. This explains why many become corrupt and hold on to the job as long as possible by fixing elections. Mohammad Ibrahim a modest Sudanese man, who now has British Nationality, is attempting to put an end to this African corruption. He has made a huge fortune from his pan-African mobile ‘phone business. He does not want or need the toys of the super rich; no yachts or planes for him. He has set up a fund for African ex-leaders who can prove that they have not been corrupt while in office and stand down when they no longer have a majority at the polls. These worthy people will receive $5 million cash prize with $200,000 a year for life. By his thoughtful actions M. Ibrahim will hopefully stop injustice and misery for thousands of ordinary Africans. Let us hope that he will become a roll model for other extremely wealthy people all over the world. He certainly deserves world recognition; perhaps a Nobel Prize. Maybe there should be new honours something like the British honours system but on a world-wide scale.

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I recently visited my GP with painful thumb joints.  She said that I should see a specialist at a hospital; she asked which hospital I should like to attend.  I said the nearest one would suit me and so an appointment was arranged.  Since then I received a letter from the hospital with a questionnaire enclosed.  A couple of extracts from the letter:- 

“Your answers will be completely confidential.  They are not linked to your patient records.  The Hospital reference and Primary Care Trust reference that have already been completed on the survey will enable Ipsos MORI to analyse survey results for individual hospitals and regional Primary Care Trusts.”  (What does that mean?) 

“Please return the survey as soon as possible.  The survey is folded over and needs to be opened to answer the questions.”  (Good job they mentioned that!) 

Is this necessary?  Surely all hospitals should offer the same high standards.  Why should patients have a choice which they are probably not qualified to make?  Would not the money spent on all the letters, postage, leaflets and wages for the clerical staff and fees for the survey producers be better spent on improving the conditions in the hospitals?

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Ramadan, the season of charity, has just finished.  This was the time when many faithful Muslims make the pilgrimage to
Mecca.   This year many gangs of criminals from Muslim countries cashed in on the “Charity” part.  They came from many African nations also 
Malaysia and
Indonesia bringing with them beggars to line the streets of
Mecca.  These beggars were mostly disfigured children.  Almost all of these were born in perfect health and were given amputations and/or festering sores to make them look pitiful in order to make a fortune for their criminal owners.  Some would be seated outside the Mosques and those with legs were made to chase after the pilgrims and plead for money.  The area around the Great Mosque was eventually cleared of these poor children so that the worshippers could pray in peace.

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Upside to Islam.

The ICU (Islamic Courts Union) took over in Somalia and imposed sharia law with punishments which include amputations and/or executions for piracy. For the last fifteen years, when the last effective government collapsed, there has been a lot of pirate activity. Sea captains were advised not to come within a hundred miles of the Somalia coast for fear of pirates since the American liner Seabourn Spirit was attacked less than a year ago. Between March and July this year forty attacks were reported. There have been none since.
Where does this leave the argument that capital punishment is no deterent?

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The nation is up in arms because local councils are expected to make collections of rubbish fortnightly starting during the autumn or winter months. The councils’ hope that we will be used to these collection times by the time the weather warms up and the rubbish begins to stink.  A lot of waste is due to the large amounts of packaging used by supermarkets that transport the goods enormous distances and need extra packaging to stop them from being damaged. If these supermarkets were penalized for using so much packaging this would help reduce the problem. Perhaps if they sold more local produce the necessity for all of the extra packaging would be removed.  In
Ireland they have helped solve this problem by putting a tax on plastic bags; this has stopped 90% of their use and so has reduced the amount off rubbish placed in Irish waste bins.  Surely
England could do the same.

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Flat Daddies

The American army is issuing life size cardboard cut-outs of the soldiers to their families.  These can be placed in various places such as at the dining table at meal times which is said to boost the moral of the children.  Some states are also giving away flat mommies.  Sounds a bit spookey to me.  Please don’t let this idea catch on in England.

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