Dumbing Down

 Editors of TV news programmes have a responsibility to the viewers to stop false information being given to them.  Surely the comments of people who assume some sort of expertise should be vetted.  Recently on a TV News programme a black American comedian was questioned about a new show which he has written containing the “N” word.  A roving reporter asked members of the public their views on the subject.  Some were against and some were unconcerned by the use of the word.Sitting next to the writer in the studio was a well dressed, well spoken British black man.  Although he seemed not to want to upset his “brother” he was against the use of the “N” word.His arguments showed that he was poorly educated and should never have been allowed to be on serious TV.   He stated that the word “Negro” was insulting as it had its origins in slavery and that the word came from a corruption of the Latin word meaning “dead”!  This, of course, is complete nonsense.   He was probably thinking of the word “necros” which is Greek for “corpse”.  In fact the “N” word comes from the Latin word “
niger” meaning “black”.  Forty years ago the interviewer would have pointed out the error or this part of the conversation would have been cut.  We are certainly seeing dumbing-down on a massive scale.

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Crime and Punishment

The children of
Britain are now often called barbarians for doing what used to be considered youthful pranks.  They face ASBOs and community service as punishments which appear to be ineffective.  The adult population faces worse penalties if they try to correct the bad behaviour of the young.   Hence the youngsters have a sense of immunity from the thick ear and push their ‘lawlessness’ to the limit.  Many are now out of control.  Much of the blame must be put upon the parents who abdicate responsibility for their offspring.British citizens are the most watched in
Europe with 4.2 million CCTV cameras, more than the rest of the EU combined. 
Britain also has the biggest DNA data base with 3.6 million profiles with another 40,000 being added every month.  There are plans in place to introduce biometric ID cards and link these to a national computer which will carry all of our medical information and other facts about us which many find inappropriate.These measures seem to be working because we have more people in prison than most of our neighbours.  This presents a problem.  Our prisons are full up and therefore many prisoners are released early to make room for a new batch of criminals.  Nobody seems to know what to do about this.  There are several options.  We could build more prisons.  If we had the capacity, convicts could serve there entire sentence thus keeping the hardened criminal out of society and prevent them from re-offending.  These options cost money.  Most of the population would prefer not to pay so much to keep these people in prison.  Keeping prisoners is a very expensive operation.  Reintroduction of the death penalty would be a good option economically.  This may not be a deterrent to crime but it would certainly be cheap and so save the tax payer a great deal of money.  Fewer prisoners to look after, feed, keep warm, cloth and clean would help ease global warming.  Do “The Greens” support capital punishment?

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I was thinking of the recent elections in the USA and I found a copy of a letter that I wrote to the editor of my local paper just after the 9/11 affair.  Here it is:-

TheEditor.                                               14thSeptember2001.

Dear Sir,

               I, like many of your readers, have sympathy with all the causalities of the terrorist attacks in
New York and
Washington and with their friends and relations.    All the world leaders are looking for ways to prevent a reoccurrence of these events.   I wish them luck.  

The thing that frightens me is that G. W. Bush, the most powerful man in the world, seems to have very little idea of how to handle the situation.    He seems to believe there should be one rule for Americans and a different one for the rest of us.

He stated that all countries are either with
America or against it and they must now declare which side they are on. The
USA is now at war with the terrorists and any country which has offered them support.   Perhaps this is the right attitude to take.   However, if the British government thought the same way we would have declared war on the
USA when they supported the IRA while they were bombing
London.    Maybe someone can tell me the difference between Moslims bombing
America and Catholics bombing

In my opinion all countries should get together and distinguish between genuine followers of the various religions and the terrorist organisations they spawn and seriously crack down on all terrorists and the regimes that support them whoever they are.    If this situation is not handled correctly there is big trouble ahead.   Let us hope that common sense prevails. 


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World leaders have many perks, large town houses, country mansions, chauffeur driven cars, domestic servants, free travel. When they leave office the western leaders can make millions by going on the lecture circuit, securing a place on the board of some large companies etc. When African leaders leave office they get nothing; they lose all the trappings of their former position. This explains why many become corrupt and hold on to the job as long as possible by fixing elections. Mohammad Ibrahim a modest Sudanese man, who now has British Nationality, is attempting to put an end to this African corruption. He has made a huge fortune from his pan-African mobile ‘phone business. He does not want or need the toys of the super rich; no yachts or planes for him. He has set up a fund for African ex-leaders who can prove that they have not been corrupt while in office and stand down when they no longer have a majority at the polls. These worthy people will receive $5 million cash prize with $200,000 a year for life. By his thoughtful actions M. Ibrahim will hopefully stop injustice and misery for thousands of ordinary Africans. Let us hope that he will become a roll model for other extremely wealthy people all over the world. He certainly deserves world recognition; perhaps a Nobel Prize. Maybe there should be new honours something like the British honours system but on a world-wide scale.

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I recently visited my GP with painful thumb joints.  She said that I should see a specialist at a hospital; she asked which hospital I should like to attend.  I said the nearest one would suit me and so an appointment was arranged.  Since then I received a letter from the hospital with a questionnaire enclosed.  A couple of extracts from the letter:- 

“Your answers will be completely confidential.  They are not linked to your patient records.  The Hospital reference and Primary Care Trust reference that have already been completed on the survey will enable Ipsos MORI to analyse survey results for individual hospitals and regional Primary Care Trusts.”  (What does that mean?) 

“Please return the survey as soon as possible.  The survey is folded over and needs to be opened to answer the questions.”  (Good job they mentioned that!) 

Is this necessary?  Surely all hospitals should offer the same high standards.  Why should patients have a choice which they are probably not qualified to make?  Would not the money spent on all the letters, postage, leaflets and wages for the clerical staff and fees for the survey producers be better spent on improving the conditions in the hospitals?

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Liberal Holland.

It is two years ago this month that
Holland had a shock.  The Dutch people are now frightened by the fast growing immigrant quarters of their cities.  In a few years time half the citizens of
Amsterdam will be from ethnic minorities most of whom will be Muslims.   It seems that the Dutch are afraid that their liberal views, lax laws on drugs and racial tolerance may backfire on them.

Theo van Gohg made a film showing verses from the Koran, which called for the subjugation of women, projected onto the bodies of naked girls.  Mohammed Bouyeri did not like this film.  In
Amsterdam, in broad daylight, he shot van Gohg and cut off his head.  This happened in November 2004.

Will this behaviour be repeated throughout Europe?  It is difficult to think of a just and workable solution to the problem of immigration.  It is sure to get worse.  Is it possible for different races with different customs and religions to live together in harmony?  Perhaps Prince Charles should not become defender of the “faiths” when he comes to the throne; maybe we should be a secular nation and ban all religions.

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Ramadan, the season of charity, has just finished.  This was the time when many faithful Muslims make the pilgrimage to
Mecca.   This year many gangs of criminals from Muslim countries cashed in on the “Charity” part.  They came from many African nations also 
Malaysia and
Indonesia bringing with them beggars to line the streets of
Mecca.  These beggars were mostly disfigured children.  Almost all of these were born in perfect health and were given amputations and/or festering sores to make them look pitiful in order to make a fortune for their criminal owners.  Some would be seated outside the Mosques and those with legs were made to chase after the pilgrims and plead for money.  The area around the Great Mosque was eventually cleared of these poor children so that the worshippers could pray in peace.

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Sunny Days.

Many of the old classic pop-songs used the term ‘sunny days’ to represent happiness and ‘rainy days’ to mean sadness.  This may change soon.  Many English people, looking for happiness, intend to immigrate to
Australia; the land of sunshine.   On arriving they may find that things ain’t what they used to be.
Australia still has plenty of sunshine but ‘happiness?’…….well.  The Australians who have had six years of very low rainfall are now suffering the worst drought for over a hundred years.  This is having a bad effect on the economy and on average seven farmers a month are committing suicide.The Australian government is now trying to invest in clean technology with the aim of reducing carbon emissions.  Let us hope that they are not doing too little too late.  Maybe they should have been a signatory to the
Kyoto agreement in the first place.

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Most people in England are uneffected by the war in Iraq.  Some folks use it as a topic of conversation to express racist views or to critisize the government or America.  I think that the British Government could have handled the situation better.  Throwing all our efforts in with Bush was an error.  He said that in the fight against terrorism “You are  either with us or against us!”  If Britain had adopted that attitude in the past we would have been at war with America long ago.   He was obviously against Britain and with the terrorists when he allowed the IRA to collect money in the USA for their fight against us.   Having experienced guerrilla tactics by the IRA, Vietnamese etc you would think that the Western Powers would have learned a lesson.  In such cases politicians should consult and take heed of the Military people whose job it is to assess the prospects and result of a conflict.As for the Iraqi people, well, frying-pans and fires spring to mind.  According to the “Lancet”  in the three years (2003-2006) of low intencity war the death toll of Iraqis has now topped 650,000.  Compare this with the British and Commonwealth military casualties in the six years of the second world war, only 600,000.  Check these figures if you don’t believe me.Somebody should be able to come up with a solution quickly to put an end to this slaughter.  I believe we are paying the price for having “career” politicians who have little experience of life outside government offices.

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Discrimination against the Untouchable Caste was made illegal when
India received its independence.  In practice the discrimination continued.  The Daltis, as the untouchables are now known, among other things, are not allowed to draw water from the same wells as those Hindus from a higher caste. The Daltis are now in revolt against the discrimination from Hindus higher up the pecking order. They will be converting to Buddhism in mass ceremonies right across the country later this month.Strange that by changing religion they will have made their lives happier and command more respect.  The Hindus’ loss is the Buddhists’ gain.

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